Wednesday, March 18, 2015


We embarked on a huge home makeover by adding a 600 sq. ft. addition about seven years ago.  Also included in that project was having a whole new kitchen built. 
(Blah brown wall before)
Are we the only ones who have left the final touch on a project unfinished...for years?
We never took the time to put a backsplash in the kitchen, not because we didn't want one but because it just seemed to get put on the bottom of the 'to-do' list for some reason.
It seemed like now was a good time to bite the bullet and make this happen.  It was also a prime time to do it because our youngest son Dustin and his wife and daughter happen to be staying with us while they have been house hunting.  Dustin is a wonderful handy guy to have around, he did all of this tiling by himself.
After much debate about tile size and color we finally made our choices and this is what we came up with.  This is the tile up before it was grouted.

And this is the tile completed.  I am so excited, now maybe I will be inspired to keep my kitchen tidy so I can enjoy the new look.

I kind of have to scratch my head and wonder why in the heck it took us so long to finish this project, it makes such a nice improvement to the house.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Before Christmas I was asked if I would like to put a few of my signs and blocks in a craft bazaar at a local salon.  After the bazaar was over the owner asked if I would like to continue to sell some of my crafts in her salon. Well duh, of course I would!!!  It has been fun to be able to make things for seasons other than fall and Christmas.  They have been selling like hotcakes every since.
I thought I would share with you some of the fun things I have been making - and selling.
{I must apologize in advance for the quality of some of the photo's, they were taken only for my benefit of cataloging sales}


On top of having pretty good success at selling my goods we have been enjoying outstanding spring-like weather.  Today I believe it is near 70 degrees and I was able to hang out sheets on the clothesline a few days ago.  Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and trees are budding.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


When it comes to most desserts, {{and if that dessert has coconut in it}}, you really have my attention.  What caught my attention recently on Pinterest was a dessert called COCONUT CREAM POKE CAKE.  Just the name alone was screaming my name and I just knew I would have to give this delicious and delectable cake a try.
Here is the ultra tempting photo that caught my attention from Amber over at Dessert Now Dinner Later:
Looks heavenly, right?
Not so much!
Here are my observations about this dessert:
1. WAY too sweet
2. WAY too mushy
3. Recipe called for WAY too much coconut and cream of coconut.
My version of the cake.
The recipe was simple enough;  bake white cake as directed for 9x13 pan, poke holes in cooled cake, pour 2 cups cream of coconut (found in the alcohol mixer section of the grocery story), spread one container of Cool Whip on top of that then sprinkle 2 cups of toasted coconut on top.
Will I make this cake again? 
Not likely.
But if I did, (and you just never know) I would only use 1 cup of the cream of coconut and 1 cup of toasted coconut on top.
Moral of the story:  Not everything on Pinterest is a sure thing, proceed with caution!

Monday, January 12, 2015


My life from September through New Year's Day is one BIG FAST LANE so getting to slow down is welcome change for the month of January.
Here are a few of the things happening so far this month:
Of course there is the annual "out with the old and in with the new" party.  I love having good friends come over to celebrate the new year with a good old party with food and games.  We aren't drinkers so alcohol and hangovers are not a problem for us.  Just playing some fun games and having a good time is par for the course.

Melvin and Denise are a hoot!
Friends Debbie and Jim put the"P" in party.
Kathy and Dan are two of our favorite party people.

Jigsaw puzzles usually come out in January around here.  The only problem with this puzzle is it makes me want to hit the bakery every morning.  Thank goodness it is finished and a new one (without tempting food) is now being worked on.
Another thing that gets done in January is clearing out all the Christmas d├ęcor and bringing in a new look.  These birdies make me wish spring would hurry up.

A special event happened this month, our granddaughter Aleana was baptized.  We don't get to see this little cutie often enough so it was a pleasure to get to spend this special day with her.
 William and Aleana (they are half brother/sister) and cousin Dawson.  We sure do love these special people and are so blessed to have them as part of our family.
I have been working on a few Valentine's Day items to sell in a shop in my little town I live in.
I have also read a book and watched some really good movies, luxuries I don't get to indulge in during the busy bazaar and holiday seasons.
Slowing down is a good thing, it helps me stop and reflect on what the most important things are; family and friends.

Monday, January 5, 2015



I don't know about anyone else but my postings on my blog took a huge hit last year.  I don't know if it is because I have lost interest or because most of the wonderful bloggers I have gotten to know through blogging have either given up completely on blogging or have scaled way back.  I  know other social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become the new way to communicate and share things but I still miss the heartwarming stories and pictures fellow bloggers shared.  I used to log on early in the morning to see if some of the bloggers I followed religiously had posted something new.  I loved reading about their life adventures, scrolling through pictures, catching up on news of new grandbabies and fun vacations and just the day to day things they shared. 
 With that being said, I have been tossing around the idea of abandoning my blog all together but then as I looked back through some of my posts and realized that posting on my blog brought me great pleasure and was a great way to preserve memories. I knew I needed to continue on with my blog.  I don't think many people read my blog anyway so if you are one who pops in occasionally then leave a comment now and again, I love to hear from fellow bloggers.  I will continue to share projects, family happenings, recipes, flower garden pictures and maybe an occasional Pinterest inspired project and hopefully find new bloggers along the way to follow.